2nd International Artistic Wingsuit Competition

Terni, Italy
September 11/12/13, 2009
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The Results:

Organised at dropzone ‘The Zoo’ in Terni, Italy, the 2nd edition of the International Wingsuit Competition was a huge
succes. Wingsuit teams from the USA, France, Netherlands and Italy flew in a competition of 5 rounds. The first 4 rounds consisting of a set of compulsary moves, with the 5th and last round being a free routine.
Points were awarded for the number of docks flown in a round, combined with an artistic score for camera work and flying style. The later style score really being an emphasis for all teams to really fly their wingsuits well in order to distance it from the other free fall disciplines in the sport. 
Its the 2nd year the competition was organised, with the previous edition taking place in Spa, Belgium back in 2008.

This year, the Dutch team '
FlyLikeBrick' scored 1st place in the International category. 
The Italian team 'Easy to Fly'' took home the National title.

For a detailed look at the scores, event photos and videos, browse through this page.

The Results:


The Results:

The winning team 'FlyLikeBrick' (International)

The winning team 'Easy to Fly' (National)



All pictures presented here are free for use (only after written permission) in publications directly linked to reports and promotional articles on the International wingsuit competition 2009 in Terni, Italy.

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FlyLikeBrick - Netherlands
performers: Alejandro Lopez Arce & Jarno Cordia
camera: Costyn van Dongen

contact info@flylikebrick for HD broadcast quality footage (FlyLikeBrick)

Les Pengouins - France
performers: Bertrand Pasquier, Michel Bonnard
camera: Philippe Scheurer

 For more videos, check the videoroom


(frame grabs)

Two wingsuits flying a 'dock' in the first round.

Two wingsuits flying a 'dock' (one bellyflying, one backflying) during the free round.

Two wingsuits flying a stacked figure during the free round.


Prizes and Sponsors:

  • 250,- euro cash prizes
  • 3x Freefly pants
  • Turbolenza Clothing & goodies
  • 1st ,2nd ,3rd place cup (National and International)

Event Sponsors
  • Phoenix-Fly - High performance Wingsuits
  • Dropzone 'the zoo'
  • SkyJester
  • Bero
  • AC Promotions
  • Turbolenza
  • Laboratorio pesaro
  • Banca delle Marche
  • f.lli pelusi
  • braghina
  • pyroitaly
  • Ristorante Certenotti
  • bad spirit


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