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The contest

April 2008, skydive center Spa in Belgium was host to the first International Artistic Wingsuit Competition.
Competing over 5 rounds, teams of two performers flew a series of docks and transitions, captured by their cameraman.
Judges Hans Schoeber, Christian Waard and Patrick De Guillebon watched the videos per round as soon as they came in.
A special page on the website with live webcam feeds and constant scoring updates proved to be incredibly popular. Receiving an enormous amount of views from throughout the world.

A special handicap scoring system made sure all rounds ended up with comparable scores, even though the difficulty level went up a notch with each one. Especially the later rounds with more backflying proved to be difficult. Points were also awarded for the camera flying.

The teams from Tony Suits and Phoenix Fly put up a big fight for the 1st place.
But when team FlyLikeBrick managed to outscore the Phoenix Fly team in round 4, team Tony Suits smelled blood and made a leap for the gold by winning the last round, and thus taking 1st place in the competition. Phoenix Fly took home the 2nd prize, with FlyLikeBrick winning 3d.

The final places and scores are listed below. Click here for the complete scoreboard.

There where many amazing prizes made available by the events main sponsor Cypres, as well as FlyYourBody, Birdman, Phoenix Fly, TonySuits, Paralog and Extreme FlyWear.

FlyLikeBrick also managed to take home the DoDo Award. A special cash prize made available by SkyJester for the most spectacular tumble in competition. There was also a raffle for everyone attending, with special prizes made available by Cypres and TonySuits.

For the next edition we will be revising the rules a little, and working towards getting everyone to 'fly' more.
But the general rules and framework of the competition proved to be working and the competition was a big succes.

A big thank you to all the sponsors and the wonderfull dropzone Spa, and an even bigger thank you for all the teams who traveled and jumped in the freezing cold to make this competition a reality!  will next host an online competition in (free) wingsuit artistics.
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The score

1st place
team: Tony Suits
performers: Jeff Neberkopf, Tony Uragallo
camera: Tristan Whitmarsh

2nd place
team: Phoenix Fly
performers: Kristina Raskina, James Boole
camera: Robert Pecnik

3d place
team: FlyLikeBrick
performers: Alejandro Lopez Arce, Jarno Cordia
camera: Costyn van Dongen

4th place
team: DNB Nord
performers: Kaspars Sprogis, Daiga Martisevska
camera: Raitis Saulitis

5th place
team: Pinky and the Brains
performers: Pascal Nijs (aka Bassie), Karin De Fraiture
camera: Bavo Vleminckx

6th place
team: SkySwoopers
performers: Mette Høgaard Kristensen, Benny Skovhede
camera: Bo Wienberg

7th place
team: Teuge
performers: Johan Wiltink, Henny Wiggers
camera: Saskia Zegwaard


For media contacts:

Jarno Cordia (NL/ENG)
tel: +31 624 111 093

Patrick De Guillebon (FR)
tel: +33 671 111 994

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