4th International Artistic Wingsuit Competition 2011

Gap, France

For the year 2011, Gap will be the main stage for the biggest artistic wingsuit competition in the world.

Teams from all over the world will again compete for the title.

The competition will have a total of 6 rounds.

5 rounds will be drawn random from the divepool, with 2 figures per round. The 6th round is a free round, where teams are invited to show creative flying to amaze the judges.


  • 2-3 August
    Training days
  • 4-5 August
    The competition
  • 6-7 August
    Award Ceremony & Organised Flocking / Coaching
    (and backup days for the competition, in case of bad weather.)
  • 8-14 August
    Organised Flocking / Coaching

After the competition, there will be a big party and prize ceremony. After the competition, there will be load organising, and a full fledged wingsuit boogie for the whole week after. During that week, there will be load organising, coaching and many spectacular wingsuit formation jumps planned with the expert group of flyers present on the dropzone. So especialy for those coming from far, a great oppertunity to get a taste for organised formation flying at a high level, with the very scenic French landscape and mountains as a backdrop.

Competing Teams

If you want to enter with a team, send an email to info@wingsuitcompetition.com

  1. Defy Gravity - Russia
  2. Fly Like Brick - The Netherlands
  3. Bad Boys - Spain
  4. Easy 2 Fly - Italy
  5. Team Clueless - United Kingdom
  6. Oxygen Wingsuit Team - Belgium
  7. Team Colibri - Germany
  8. Turboperros - Spain
  9. Easy Team - Italy
  10. Drop Zone Boyz - Canada
  11. Bad Birds Schweighofen - Germany
  12. Unnamed French Team 1 - France
  13. Unnamed French Team 2 - France
  14. Unnamed French Team 3 - France
  15. Kara-Birds - Ukraine
  16. S-Fly Factory Team - France
  17. your team

Dropzone Information

School of Parachuting of Gap
Aerodrome - 05130 Tallard - France


Unfortunately the dropzone has just sold their Twin Otter. We will have a Pilatus Porter available to us (right hand door) for the competition and there will be a Skyvan for the flocking afterwards.

Important note about camerahelmets!

Cutaway systems are mandatory
for all camerahelmets in France!

0 days left to the competition!



Hotels in Tallard & surroundings

  • www.hotel-lecap.fr (5 mn walking dsitance from DZ)
  • www.larizona.com (10 mn walking distance from DZ)
  • www.hotel-muret.com (car needed 9 km from DZ)
  • www.hotel-gap.com (car needed 13 km from DZ)

    Appartments in Tallard

  • www.residenciel.com (5mn walking distance from DZ)

    Bed & breakfast

  • www.tourisme-tallard-barci.com


  • www.tourisme-tallard-barci.com (15 mn walking distance from DZ)
  • www.au-camping-du-lac.com (5km from DZ)

    Travel Info


  • Best airport is Marseille, 1h30 drive to Gap-Tallard, only highway
  • Lyon, Montpellier and Nice are second options with more than 2 hours drive !

    Public Transport

    If you want to take a bus from Marseille, it is possible:
  • shuttle from Marseille Airport to Aix en Provence : http://www.mrsairport.com/eng/acces/acces_bus.jsp
  • then from Aix en Provence to Gap-Tallard : http://www.beyond.fr/travel/bus10-schedules-provence-france.html or http://www.beyond.fr/travel/bus14-schedules-provence-france.html